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SIMPLE & FUNCTIONAL Blackout Roller Shades in Edmonton

There are a few things to consider when looking at adding black out blinds to your Edmonton home. Blackout shades is a general term that is often used to refer to the opacity of the fabric used in a blind. If a fabric blocks out 100% of the sunlight, it is often referred to as blackout fabric, but this does not mean the blind will block out 100% of the sunlight.

Depending on the blinds used and the installation method, there is often a gap along the side of the blind that will result in light leak. For zebra shades, there will also be light leaks as a result of the space between the two layers of fabric. This means zebra blinds or banded shades will never achieve full blackout, despite using blackout fabric.

Blinds that use blackout fabric, but don’t block all the light due to leak issues, are referred to as room darkening blinds (instead of light filtering). Most people like to have blackout blinds in their bedrooms to help them sleep better. People also enjoy room darkening blinds for their TV rooms to prevent glare. The key to finding out the best solution for your room, is to know how much light is acceptable to be let through, depending on what the space is used for.


To achieve close to 100% blackout blinds, light blocking side channels need to be installed to eliminate light leaks from the sides of the blind. This will reduce the window’s overall size but will provide unparalleled light blocking function.

Best Blackout Honeycomb Shades

Honeycomb shades are our top suggestion for blackout blinds. The minimal 3/8” fabric deduction for the blind means it has the smallest light leak in all blackout blinds. The bottom bar/rail for the honeycomb shade can also sit flat on the window ledge, eliminating one of the sources of light leak. Honeycomb shades usually have both light filtering & blackout options in the same colour, allowing you to colour match perfectly throughout the house.

For more versatility, the honeycomb two fabric combination option allows you to enjoy both sheer & blackout fabrics on the same blind.


100% Blackout Blinds Option

Pleats Curtains & Blinds offer a 100% blackout option with Hunter Douglas’ LightLock. You can go completely blackout with Duette LightLock, with its innovative U-shaped side channels that feature a black, ridged interior surface, trapping, and absorbing light of all strengths and from all angles.

Creating a Sanctuary for Sleep in Your Edmonton Home

According to Dr. James Andry, the founder and medical director of the Sleep Therapy & Research Center in San Antonio, Texas, even low-level lights can affect the production of melatonin, a hormone that helps us prepare to fall asleep. Creating a dark sanctuary with fully closed window coverings and turning off all sources of artificial light improves our ability to relax and get a good rest. The Duette LightLock technology makes this possible, improving our ability to reach a deep state of sleep.

Hunter Douglas Lightlock
To achieve 100% blackout, combine Duette honeycomb shades with LightLock channels.

Get in touch with one of our expert staff for more information about this option. We also offer free design consultations if you’re unsure about how the blinds will fit the style and aesthetic of your home!

Blackout Roller Shades

If you’re looking for a window treatment option that blocks out as much sunlight as possible, then blackout blinds & shades might be the best option for you! Our selection of high-quality blackout roller shades don’t let any light in during the day, making it a great choice if you’re looking for privacy & security. The 100% blackout material provides you with the option to say goodbye to pesky glares in your office or on the tv in your living room, for a true darkening experience. This window treatment is also perfect for nurseries, bedrooms, and media rooms, creating a relaxed and comfortable environment. You also have the option of further blocking out natural light by mounting the roller outside the window frame or by adding side curtain panels.

Darken any room with the Right Blackout Blind

When choosing the right blackout blind & shades for your Edmonton home, one of the first things to consider is how well the shades block light when you want complete darkness. For light-sensitive sleepers, getting the correct black-out shades can make a huge difference. However, please note that inside mounted shades will always have a light leak on the sides as there is a 1/4″ fabric deduction to ensure that the headrail can fit. Fortunately, there are many types of bedroom blinds, shades, and sheers to choose from, including a 100% blackout option. At Pleats Curtains & Blinds in Edmonton, we can help you get started on choosing the right black-out blinds & shades that fit your needs and the aesthetics of your home.

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Blackout Roller & Solar Shades Installation Service

To ensure the roller blinds will perfectly fit your window, Pleats Curtains & Blinds offers free consultation and professional measurement services, all done in your Edmonton home. This includes the help of a window covering expert that will work with you to determine the best product for your space, both functionally and aesthetically. You’ll have access to our available fabric sample books, to select the best option to match your flooring, furniture, wall color. All our custom window coverings come with complimentary installation and 10-year warranty. Getting the perfect darkening window shades for your home has never been this easy.

Contact us to book your in-home consultation at no charge or use our online quote tool to get a free estimate and find out more about our products and install services.


Blackout blinds & shades are recommended for:
bedroom and living rooms, higher privacy needed spaces, and rooms that need most sunlight blocked.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost to install blackout blinds?

The total cost of your blinds will depend on a variety of factors, such as design, fabric type, and dimensions. Get in touch with one of our staff or utilise our online estimate tool to receive a free estimate on how much your blinds will cost in total. Take note, however, that the online estimate tool will only work if you already know the dimensions of your windows.

Do you have colour options for the blinds?

Yes! The colours come in a variety of options that you can choose from. If you’re confused about which colour you should choose, you can refer to our Colour Selection Guide. You can also come in and have a consultation with our resident interior designer to find out what works best for your residence or office space.

Do you have a warranty option?

The curated window covering selection from Pleats Curtains & Blinds is backed up with a 10-year warranty which covers the mechanisms, hardware components, motorization components, and installation. For more information on our warranty, visit our Warranty and Guarantee page.

How do I know the proper size that I need for my blinds?

The first step is to measure the inside opening dimensions of your windows, which is the area the blind will cover. Once you have that information, you can use our free online estimate tool or schedule a time to speak with one of our professionally trained staff to find out what size you would need for your blinds. We also offer free in-home design consultations and professional measurement services for homes in Edmonton and surrounding areas.