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Client purchased a newly built single detached home in the McConachie community in North Edmonton. Interior décor is contemporary modern with a 2-story great room. Client choose light filtering zebra blinds to allow more light in the living areas combined with blackout zebra blinds in the bedrooms for privacy. The double layered 4-panel (2 colors) curtain & sheer treatment for the great room create a visually stunning luxurious look.

Zebra Blinds (Living Room): Z2905 – Minerva (Ash)
Zebra Blinds (Bedrooms): Z3902 – Epoch (Silver)
Curtains (Great Room): C5703 – Reign (Silver)
Curtains (Great Room): C4705 – Atlas (Stone Grey)
Sheers (Great Room): H7802 – Glimpse (Cream)


Client lives in a single detached home in the Klarvatten community in North Edmonton. The interior décor is contemporary modern with a soft neutral colour palette. Client wanted light filtering curtains and choose a stunning off-white fabric that gives privacy and light control and complements the wall colour and furniture. The curtain and silver hardware for the great room creates a structured and modern look, especially with the tailored pleats at the top. We were able to accommodate the angle of the bay window by cutting our 38mm channel rods at a precise angle.

Curtains (Great Room): C4301 – Cloak (Pearl)


Client purchased a newly built single detached home in the Webber Greens community in West Edmonton. The house’s colour scheme is off-white neutral with beautiful matte black accessories in an industrial/farmhouse style. Client choose a combination of zebra blinds and solar shades to give a modern and bright feel in in the living room. This is balanced by a ripple fold curtain hung with a matte black decorative rod to tie in with the kitchen’s black accessories.

Zebra Blinds: Z3902 – Epoch (Silver)
Solar Shades: R2501 – Eternal (Ash)
Curtains (Living Room): C4704 – Atlas (Ash)
Curtains (Bedroom): C4705 – Atlas (Stone Grey)


Client purchased a new townhome in the beautiful Griesbach area. The living room is south facing – giving it ample sunlight throughout the day. Client chose to go with room darkening zebra blinds to enhance the modern style of the room while providing the necessary light control function. The resulting window covering became a statement piece that filters light beautifully and fits in with the modern/contemporary tone of the home’s interior design style.

Zebra Blinds: Z2907 – Minerva (Mocha)


Client is a new homeowner in the growing Glenridding Ravine neighbourhood. The client would like to maintain the contemporary style of the home without being overly modern. A combination of zebra blinds, curtains, and sheers were chosen to maintain a modern decor while the curtains & sheers provide a warm and cozy feel to the first floor living space. Curtains were installed full-width to visually enhance the size of the windows with a custom-made curtain box flush to the wall to hide the tracks.

Zebra Blinds: Z2905 – Minerva (Ash)
Curtains: C5701 – Reign (Steel)


Client is a new homeowner in the Twin Brooks neighbourhood. Blackout roller blinds were chosen to be used throughout the house for the utility and value in blocking out the light from the south facing windows. Motorized ripple fold curtains were installed in the living room to serve as an accent colour and dampen the noise from the main community road.

Blackout Roller Shades: R1701 – Omega (Snow)
Curtains: C5101 – Court (Iron Blue)

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