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Your window coverings can be a neutral color to compliment your furnishings and wall color, but having your curtains in an accent colour can also transform the room by becoming a focal point. Use the 60-30-10 rule to help you find the perfect colour for your home.

The 60-30-10 Rule

There is a simple rule in decor that states that 60% of the room is the main colour, 30% should be the secondary colour or texture and the last 10% should be an accent.

  1. The 60% includes large areas such as the walls, large area rugs and large furniture like sofas.
  2. The 30% includes draperies, accent chairs, bed linen or smaller pieces of furniture such as chairs and tables.
  3. The final 10% is an accent colour from throw pillows or small decor and artwork.

Look around your rooms and think about what portion of colours you want your window covers to be. We have linen and cotton blends as well as sheer fabrics that can blend into the primary colour. We can suggest complementing colors that can function and correspond with the secondary colour in your home. We also have a curated selection of bold colors that work wonderfully as an accent colour to bring in life into your rooms.

The rules are not rigid, but this helpful guide to segmenting out your living spaces can make it simple and easy to achieve a nice balance when decorating.

Accent Color

To find your accent colours, look first to your furnishings. Is there a recurring color in your sofa, cushions, rugs or chairs? Working together with other fabric or textured elements, your window coverings can help strengthen your interior design style and tie the room together. 

Source: Victoria Borodinova (Pexels)

Photographer: Victoria Borodinova (Pexels)

Neutral Color

To find the perfect neutral color, first look at the colour of your walls and your furniture. If you have a more cool toned palette, it’s best to choose shades of gray or even black for a dramatic look. If you have a more warm toned color palette, you can choose shades of beige and cream or even camel. 

Neutral Color Curtain

Photographer: Nathan Fertig (Unsplash)

Should I choose a light or dark colour?

  • The mood of the room will change based on the amount of light or dark colours. If you want a light and airy mood, it’s best to have light shade of neutral or accent colour. If you want a moodier vibe, dramatic darker colours will help achieve that look. 
  • Smaller rooms will benefit from a lighter color window covering that can blend into the colour of the walls. This will make the room appear bigger. 
  • Whereas for bigger rooms that you want to appear smaller, you may choose a darker window covering. This will help make the room feel more cozy and darker colors also help with design styles that are more elegant like transitional or traditional. 

For more tips on how to pick the right fabric and colour for your interior design style, contact us for help, email or call us and we can show you samples that work for your home. 

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