Pleat Styles - Pleats Curtains & Blinds

CUSTOM MADECurtain Pleating Styles

VersatileButterfly/Bowtie Pleat

Our signature style, the butterfly pleat is a more modern style that pinches a bowtie shape at the top of the curtains. It’s an updated version of the pinched pleat that offers style and versatility and works on all fabrics and colors.

ContemporaryRipple Fold

The most modern and contemporary look that’s becoming top choice for designers and homeowners alike. Those who like minimal and clean edges will love this style of pleating. The signature waves it creates perfectly complements with a decorative rod or traverse rod.

ModernTailored Pleat

A pinched pleat that has small pleats at the top of the drapes. A streamlined look from the very top of the curtains, the tailored pleats are beautiful paired with a curtain rod with rings or a ceiling track to elongate the look of any window and wall.

ClassicFrench Pleat

The most classic and elegant style of pleating for a timeless look. Pair it with a contemporary fabric choice to match any interior style. A French pleat is beautiful on a ceiling track to create a seamless transition from ceiling to wall to window.

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