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FABRIC SELECTIONCurtains and Drapery

For bedrooms and the ultimate privacy, light blocking curtains is a simple luxury worth investing in. We offer various pleating styles and fabrics so you can mix and match to create the perfect custom drapes for your home. A new contemporary take on curtain fabrics, our selection at Pleats has been carefully curated to complement current interior design tastes. 

Interior Design Consultation
Our resident interior designer can help you pick out the perfect fabric and hardware to match your existing style. We understand custom curtains are an investment, so it’s important that we provide the right advice have your window coverings done right the first time with Pleats.

In our colder Edmonton winter months, it can also help insulate the rooms and block the heat from leaving through the window or window frames. Our fabric selection allows the final product to fit into different interior styles

  • Modern and contemporary
  • Airy and elegant
  • Bold and colourful
  • Classic and timeless

Visit our showroom to see how different fabrics, lining, and hardware can affect the final look! For curtains we also offer motorization and smart home integration for the ultimate luxury experience. Inquire for add-on price and further details. 

Recommended: living room and bedrooms, adds warmth and privacy, no light leakage for a better sleep at night



We believe that custom curtains are the best option to cover extra tall windows. Roller or zebra blinds are hard to reach and operate, with a one time installation of curtains, they can remain functional and block the sunlight. For the great room in your home, get this luxurious and modern look of layered sheer curtains and room darkening room curtains.

Custom Drapery for Extra Tall Windows

  • Floor to ceiling drapery up to 18ft tall installed by our experts
  • Manual operation means no need to change batteries for motorization of the extra tall windows
  • Lengthens the look of your living room, elongates the windows and overall height
  • Layered treatment gives more control of light during the day and privacy at night
  • Hands free service, professional measurement and installation included
  • Get it done right: Interior designer provides advice during our in-home consultation

Curtain Fabric Collection

Below are some of our offerings for 2023, book a showroom visit to see our full collections.
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