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BEST FIT FOR YOUR HOME?Curtains or Shades

Each of our fabrics has been handpicked from over a thousand samples from various countries. We have prints and linens from Germany, India, and the Netherlands, and have high quality roller and zebra shades from Taiwan and Korea.

Don’t slack off when it comes to getting your drapes just right—they’re one of the most important parts of every room in your home. Think about your space and your interior design style:

Modern Professional

Zebra blinds or solar shades are a great choice.

Cozy Elegance

Layered draperies can give the perfect finishing touch.


Most window coverings would be suitable. Go for a neutral colour or shades of your accent colour.

Choose the Right Window Treatment

For different functions for night vs day, layered treatments are also very popular. A light filtering layer with a blackout layer is the most common for a versatile living space. This way you may enjoy the natural light during the day and privacy at night and while sleeping.

To Block out Light

If you’re looking to completely block out light, opt for blackout curtains and drapes. We recommend this for bedrooms or other private areas.

To Let in Light

Both curtains and shades have sheer options that let in light. Choosing a sheer curtain or blind means that as the sun shines in, your home will be flooded with a beautiful light.

To Alternate Between the Two

If you would like the ability to alternate between allowing light to shine through and completely blocking it out, curtains with blinds underneath work best, as the blinds can be lowered or raised to your liking during the day.

To Block Out Noise/Insulate

Curtains that extend from the top of the window to the floor and contain a thick lining are best for blocking out noise and insulating your home. Polyester is the most popular choice for noise-reducing and insulating curtains. Most of our fabrics already have a thick back lining that can help with this.

Zebra blinds in office

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