Pet Friendly Window Coverings - Pleats Curtains & Blinds


Your pets shedding in your home is inevitable, below are tips to help you maintain great looking window coverings.

1. Choose a fabric color similar to your pet’s fur color so it’s less noticeable.
2. Hang the curtains so it doesn’t fall all the way to the ground.
3. Choose a sleeker polyester blend that doesn’t attract as much pet fur.
4. Choose blinds or shades that fit directly into the window frame that won’t attract fur as your pets walk by. Roman shades have the same fabric selection as curtains but are fitted into the window.
5. Lint rollers are your friend, you can always lint roll the window coverings for regular maintenance.
6. For homes with cats, we don’t suggest sheers. Some love to dig their paws and claws into the sheer fabrics and you’ll end up with tears and runs in the fabric because it’s so delicate. Roller shades are the better choice, as they are more durable and resistant to scratches.

Pet Window Coverings

Photographer: Hermes Rivera (Unsplash)

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