Style Tips Room by Room - Pleats Curtains & Blinds

Style Tips Room by RoomFunction First

Think about how you’ll use the room during the day and night. Daytime activities such as reading, working, or using the computer can benefit from a light filtering window treatment to help diffuse sunlight. Whereas watching tv or any room with a projector can benefit from having blackout window treatments. If you need both types of treatments, a very popular way to make a room more versatile is to layer window treatments with different light filtering capabilities. 

Below are suggestions on how to think about what type of window treatment function you’ll need:

Bedroom and babies rooms – for deep sleep, privacy and quiet we suggest curtains that can completely block out light. For a beautiful light diffusion during the day, we suggest layering with a sheer or semi sheer blinds.

Living room – To bring warmth and coziness to a living room is important, we suggest linen curtains that can tie in with an accent color. Curtains can help insulate from the cold in winter and block out sunlight in the summer. 

Study / Home Office – Roller shades or blinds can be very useful in a home office, as the amount of light and privacy can be adjusted easily. They also look professional for any video conference or zoom meetings. 

Kitchen – Easy to clean roller shades can offer privacy at night as well as diffused light during the day

Home theatre – Blackout curtains can make sure there’s no light leakage to spoil your enjoyment, and can serve as a soundproofing layer as well. Our ceiling-mount white roller shade can also double as a projector screen and can be custom made to any size. 

Color Palette Tips

An easy way to choose the color for your window treatments is to choose a shade of neutral you already have for the room, or a shade of the accent colors you have.

In a smaller room it’s best to match the window treatments to the existing paint color or a lighter color to make the room look bigger. 

Color and style should be complementary from room to room, this can be easy to achieve if you pick one or two products but have layered treatments on some of the windows.

Our products come in warm and cool colors that can easily compliment any home, to see our current range of products and our sample catalogue, drop-in at our showroom or book a free in-home measurement and we will bring our samples to you!