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MODERN FUNCTIONALITYZebra Blinds & Sheers in Edmonton

The secret behind what makes zebra blinds the most popular window covering choice in recent years? The answer is simple: its versatility in both functionality and design! If you choose a more blackout fabric, you can enjoy privacy at night and light filtering during the day. At Pleats, we love this modern look for your contemporary or minimalist style.

With zebra blinds, you get total control of privacy and light at the same time. The two panels of fabric work together to create a seamless transition when adjusting for more light or more privacy. Our clients love zebra blinds for their doors and offices and its unique look can be the perfect finish for contemporary spaces.

Recommended: office space or living rooms, versatile from day to night

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Bands open and shade lowered. Preserves your view while providing UV protection.


Bands closed and shade lowered. For total light control and secure privacy day or night.


Bands closed and shade partially raised. Offers precise light control.


Bands open and shade partially raised. Dual shades give you function at any level.



Sheer or mesh liner bands alternate with opaque, creating a modern design with maximum flexibility. Shift the bands, shift up your light. When aligned edge to edge, the opaque bands bring precious privacy and shade. A slight adjustment, and the sheer widths bring filtered light and soft views.

Available in:





Lift or lower shades with a gentle push or pull on the bottom rail. Achieve desired amount of privacy and light with effortless positioning of fabric bands.



The power wand automation lifts and lowers shades with the touch of a button. An affordable automation solution that has a charging port at the base of the wand.



Control all motorized zebra blinds in one room. Raise or lower the shades and adjust the bands with at the touch of a button or tap on your mobile device.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are zebra blinds or zebra roller shades?

Zebra blinds/sheers (also called ‘zebra roller shades’, ‘day/night blinds’, ‘Designer Banded Shades’, and ‘dual shades’) are a kind of window treatment that consists of an alternating sequence of solid fabric and sheer fabric strips.

Zebra blinds are a great addition to office spaces and living rooms that allow you easy adjustment of light filtering and privacy without compromising interior aesthetics. This window treatment can be operated using a cord or motorized with modern remote control technology.

Can I implement zebra blinds into my Smart Home?

Yes! Book a free in-house design consultation with one of our designers today to begin planning the motorization of your window coverings.

What are the advantages of installing zebra blinds or sheers into my home?

Zebra blinds and Zebra sheers are great for homeowners looking to…

  • Have greater control over how much light enters the room from outside
  • Maintain privacy at all hours of the day
  • Enjoy versatility and customization options that match their home’s aesthetics
  • Take advantage of our huge selection of fabric options
  • Motorize their Smart Homes
  • Have a pet-friendly and child-safe window covering option

Do zebra blinds require a lot of maintenance?

When it comes to spring cleaning, you can count on your zebra blinds to be at the bottom of your list. Zebra blinds are extremely easy to maintain and can be regularly dusted.

Will zebra blinds add an extra bit of insulation during the wintertime?

As a local Edmonton window coverings design and installation company, we know how bad winter weather can get. Due to the design of zebra blinds, light leaks and heat insulation may pose some issues. If you are looking for a window covering style that will adequately retain the heat inside of your home this winter, consult with one of our specialists today!

For more information or to have one of our designers come and tailor the perfect window treatment for you, please book a free in-house consultation with us at (587) 200-8100!

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